Wednesday, March 7, 2012

if i'm not mistaken, snooki being pregnant is the 5th sign of the apocalypse.

to be honest, i am not sure how many signs of the apocalypse there are, the bible is still on my "to read" list. but honestly, the world is sooo fucked up right now, if i ever decide to pray, i will pray that the world really would end in december of 2012.

you would think, in 2012, we, as a people, could get our shit together and develop some kind of licensing program to insure only stable, responsible people can reproduce. just because everyone is born with reproductive organs, does not mean that they should have the right to bring cretins into this world.

as far as i can tell, the only people reproducing are the morons and lowlifes. when i was in high school, i volunteered at a home that children were placed right after child protective services took them from their parents. they stayed at that home until a foster home could be provided for them. 

a family of children in particular i cannot forget. it was three kids, one was around four, the other was a toddler and then the baby, who was born addicted to drugs. it wasn't the first time that the two older siblings were in that shelter waiting for a foster home. which means, their drug addict mother had her children taken away because she was incapable of motherhood. the state allowed her to take some classes, and get her children back. once she had her children back, she started using again, became pregnant, and continued to use drugs throughout the pregnancy. since her baby was born addicted to drugs, they took all of her children again.

why would it be so morally wrong for the government to deem her unfit for motherhood and tie her tubes?

maybe, we the people, should storm the houses of expecting mothers such as snooki and other unfit mothers, and take matters in to our own hands like angry mobs of villagers used to do in the old days.

poor frankenstein and the beast from beauty and the beast didn't deserve it, but i say snooki's uterus does. actually, the picture above probably doesn't do the gaping hole that is snooki's vagina justice. we can take the baby and give it to a loving family that cannot reproduce, and make sure snooki can no longer reproduce.

also, while we are making it harder to get pregnant, let's make it a little less expensive and a little easier to adopt children. now, don't get me wrong, i do not think just anybody should be able to take a kid home, but from what i hear it's damn near impossible to adopt a child and there are so many children who need a home. and after the republicans get there way with abortion, there will be ten times more children who need adopted.

everyone wants everyone having babies. i wish someone would interview all of the mothers of the detestable people in this world, you know, the murderers, rapist, child molesters and theives, and find out what percentage of those women did not want to have the creeps in the first place, but didn't have available birth control and felt too guilty about having an abortion. if we had those stats, maybe it would shut up all the backwards americans who are persistently trying to ban abortion and withhold birth control.

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