Wednesday, March 14, 2012

but, i don't want to have a seizure...

whitney cummings was on howard stern yesterday. she was talking about her drug addicted sister and mentioned how, her sister was so fucked up on drugs, they had to keep feeding drugs to her until she entered rehab or her body would go into shock and she would have a seizure and die. 

i have heard of that happening before. on an episode of intervention, they spoke of a girl who drank 40 plus beers a day and then quit cold turkey. two days later she had a seizure and then died.

i'm totally freaking out man! yesterday, i had already decided to start weening myself of of the pain pills i have been taking for the last two months. now, i haven't taken them everyday, i skip a day here or there, but when i heard whitney cummings, i felt it was some kind of ominous message that i will have a seizure and die!

basically i am just a neurotic. but there is some merit in my fear. if one were to overdose on these pills, they can have a seizure, i have seen it with my own eyes! you might wonder why, after seeing such a sight, i would continue to pop said pills? because i wanted to cut back on drinking....duh! just so you know, i stopped talking those pills for a long time once i witnessed the overdose seizure. i had to wait for my seizure paranoia to subside. and it did. then stupid whitney cummings had to go scare me again. 

i don't like whitner cummings; and it's not just because she put the fear of seizures into my brain, it's because she is good looking and howard stern loves her. i am not a fan of her comedy, but that might be the little green jealousy monster blocking my comedy receptors when she is speaking. i feel bad that i am such a hater, i wish i was all "kumbaya" when it came to good looking, talented chicks. but until i become good looking and talented, i have to sadly admit i wish for the pretty peoples demise.

but really, if there is any justice in the world; shouldn't the beautiful suffer? ugly people suffer all the time. plus, the uglies don't get discounts or breaks like good looking people do. 

alls i know is, if you are ugly or fat, you better be nice! 

because there is nothing worse than a fat, ugly asshole!

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