Friday, January 13, 2012

and here i go again...

i am hungover. today is the 13th day of the year and i have been hungover twice already. averaging one hangover a week, that wasn't on my list of resolutions but it is notable. i didn't even party last night, i sat and watched tv and drank continuously. i actually had to take a minute and stop myself. thank god i did, coz i still feel like shit and it's 2:29 in the afternoon.
let's get something straight. i am an alcoholic. a professional drunk if you will. i should know better by now what my limits are and what will make me sick. it's like the great poet said "everything is good in moderation". okay, i doubt a poet said that but i am too lazy to look up who actually did.

at least today is friday the 13th!
usually on friday the 13th i want to do something fun and dangerous. i never do though. tonight i am going to celebrate by watching some of the friday the 13th movies at my moms house. that'll be fun.

my favorite jason movie by far is the 3rd one. it is in 3d, the cool 1980's 3d with the red and blue outlines. i love it. also, the movie was full of cheesy excuses to show off the 3d effects. they passed the camera a joint for instance. i thought that was awesome.

the cheesier a horror movie is, the more i like. what can i say? i am a women of refined taste.
so, of the 18 pack of beer i started on last night, i have a whopping 7 left. that'll be good. as long as there is no other alcohol around i should be safe from suffering a hangover fate tomorrow. i gots things to do tomorrow. like, um, clean and stuff.

this is too funny:
have a happy friday the 13th! let's all pray that we turn into zombies or something :)

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