Thursday, January 12, 2012

this are hard all over...

so, a major thing going on is burglary. my parents truck was a victim of a smash and grab. my friend who lives in northern california had the same thing happen. my cousin in oklahoma had it happen to her car also. my house has been robbed, my job was robbed twice in 2011. a friend in arizona had his place robbed last year. an acquaintance of my mothers got a call that her grand daughter answered the door and got a punch to the face. i guess the assailant  assumed the house was empty (since the young girl was usually at school during that time but had stood home that day) but knocked on the door to make sure.

the world is going to hell in a hand basket, yet people still have kids. the american government is still making laws that deter young women who do not want children from having abortions! why?

it's mind boggling that someone can look at this fucked up world, the crowded prisons, the rapes, the shootings, unemployment, wars, aids, genocides, blah blah blah and still want to force women to have children.

so many young people have children just because they think  it's what they are supposed to do. although i don't understand how, but most of them have  no idea whatsoever what goes into raising a child. and the young people that want to avoid having a child because they are not ready, are forced to watch the ultrasound of the fetus and therefore guilted into going through with the pregnancy.

my relative, who has had two abortions when she was in her teens, is now a proponent of the law that makes women who want an abortion watch the ultrasound. she told me she regrets the two abortions she had, and that she wishes she could go back and have the aborted children. now, i don't like to argue my views with someone (i like to blab my views on a one sided blog) so i just told her that i respect the fact that she is honest about her past but i do not support her cause. what i really felt like explaining to her is that if she had given birth to those two children, she would not be in the position she is now. which is a nice christian home with three lovely children (sounds like a nightmare to me but she likes it). if she had had those kids, she probably would've been stuck in a cycle of having kids from random dudes, and the husband she has now would never have given her a chance. plus, she was so wild and out of control at the time, who knows what kind of  environment she would have provided for the children.

accidents happen. people get drunk and don't use protection, condoms break, someone forgets to take a birth control pill. coz  of a small misstep, most american christians feel that people should be punished and face the consequences. but it's not only the parents that suffer, it's society as a whole.

an argument i've heard often is, "abortion is okay, i just don't think people should use it like birth control". which, in a perfect world makes sense, but the world is not perfect and here's my theory; if someone wants to use abortion like birth all means go ahead. coz someone that cooky does not need to bring any children into this world.

another group of people who do not need to be bringing children into this world is the well to do. many that have a good income, have kids just because they are financially stable. it's great to be financially stable before having children, but there also has to be a desire to know the child, spend time with them and be able to communicate with them. if you didn't have a good relationship with your parents, and there are things you can't discuss with your spouse, most likely you are not going to be able to communicate with your children or not want to.

i have a thought that may be controversial; instead of sending third world or aids ridden countries food, let's send them birth control and condoms. and give them some education and maybe they will choose sterilization, wouldn't that be sweet.

 oh, so i may have digressed a bit, my whole point is that their are too many fuck ups in the world, people need to stop having children just because. they should have a desire to raise someone to be a better person than they are, and realize the time, effort and money it takes to accomplish that.

praise the lord up above for the gays, most of them adopt unwanted children, and if they have kids, hopefully they take good care of em, but at least it is never an accident.

Homosexuality is god's way of insuring that the truly gifted aren't burdened with children.  ~Sam Austin 

i know i praise the gays a lot, but we should be happy there is a part of the population that can't have accidental pregnancies. hooray!

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