Wednesday, January 18, 2012

you don't expect me to swallow that tripe...

i just read letter to a christian nation by sam harris. 

it was pretty good. not really anything new in it, but he obviously stated things more eloquently than i would be able to. if you are a devout religious freak, it would probably be an eye opening experience, but i highly doubt any religions kooks would have the balls to read such a book. 

it's so frustrating how the united states is regressing back to the dark ages due to religious fanaticism. maybe it would help our country if five devoutly religious people had to share one vote. then maybe the people who actually have common sense would have a chance at the poles. and the religious shouldn't mind coz they all agree on the same bullshit so they wouldn't have to argue, all five would vote according to their spiritual rules. so, five muslim per one vote, five christians to a vote, five baptist to a vote. etc. etc.

as of now, many politicians are trying to ban abortion, stem cell research is illegal and can't get funding. all the idiotic things being done in the name of religion makes me want to give up on humanity....oh wait, i have given up on humanity.

i am not religious, and i don't care if other people are religious, until they try to combine church and state. who do these freaks think they are anyway? why do they think everyone should follow the rules of THEIR god. if i want to go party it up in hell with satan, that is my problem....oh yeah, the bible says that if you come in contact with a heathen, and you do not try to convert them, on judgement day, their blood will be on their hands.

i am not afraid of hell, nor am i a believer in a vengeful god.

when i get all down about how much most people suck and how unfair the world is, i like to believe in reincarnation. it makes me feel better to think that bad people die and get reincarnated into a terrible life. but mostly, when i see someone or an animal suffering or who have a lot of pain in their life, the only thing that can ease my bleeding heart is the thought that perhaps they were a really bad person in a past life.

but really i just believe in reincarnation to make me feel better, and i can't say i actually believe in it, i just hope that it would be what happens when we die.

most likely when we die nothing happens. we just cease to exist. that's a creepy thought isn't it?

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