Thursday, January 5, 2012

i'm not bored! you're bored! you jerk!

i am currently trying to endure my last hour of work and even though howard stern is playing in the background i am sooo bored, i would like to shoot myself.

yesterday i realized i forgot two awesome gays, so let me post them now. the first is austin scarlett from project runway (so glad he is gonna be back tonight)
the second is sean hayes from will & grace
 they are both very awesome. i am literally in awe of them.

today i made a pretty sign for my coworker that declared her gayness. even though she is straight, i tend to refer to her as a homosexual women.
whilst coloring-in the pretty rainbow flag hearts, it once again made me melancholy that i am not homosexual and therefore cannot display cute flag stuff without looking like a poser. but i really do love rainbows. they're my favorite :(

but enough of the gay talk, i am straight and i must move on.

at five post meridiem, pacific standard time, i get to imbibe some tasty vino that hails from sonoma california. mmmmmm. i can taste it now, and look forward to the buzz it will produce as i am quite on edge this afternoon. i would like to ride in a hot air balloon and drink wine.

aww, i was under the impression that you got to drink wine while you were in the balloon basket. guess not. still looks fun tho, tons of alcohol is involved which i appreciate. my best friend and my boyfriend wont go with me. my brother obliged but i will have to buy his ticket, and it seems kind of gay to go with your sibling......maybe i am gay after all. if my boyfriend was any kid of man, he would allow me to take a date. one night of sex with someone you shared a hot air balloon basket with should be allotted for anyone who has put up with a committed relationship for at least a year.

to be honest, that picture ^^ is exactly how i picture my balloon ride.

are we really made to only have sex with one person for a long period of time? i think not. although i am committed to my lovely boyfriend, it still does not stop me from imagining what sex will be like with every single person i come into contact with. 
some people look like they would be a lot of fun. is it wrong to get someone's number so you can hit them up when you are single? i guess the best thing is to friend them on facebook or something. then, when you are single and ready to mingle you can get to them lickity split.

if we were genetically engineered to be monogamous, then i don't think there would be so many std's. aren't std's around just to keep humans from humping all day and making more stupid babies than they already do?

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