Friday, January 27, 2012

can i go home please?

today is friday. i work monday thru fridays. i cannot wait till it is 5:00pm and i can go home and start my weekend. it's been a long day. my office mate and i are not getting along. we used to get along smashingly, but on wedneday afternoon i made her mad. and then i became mad at the fact that she got upset over such a trivial matter. so our little office has been quite awkward since then. also, howard stern, my saving grace at work, only has three new shows a week. 

so my thursday and friday are spent listening to the shows over and over again. usually i have a good book to read, but the one i am currently invested in is really quite treacherous. once i start a book i usually have to finish it. good or bad. said book has a lot of good parts, but the bad parts seem to drag. oh well, i only have 2.5 hours left until i can go home, kick off my shoes and watch horrible television with my pets.

i suppose until that blissful moment i will read some more. it's kind of like a job, but once i finish it, then i can start a new one. wanna know what i am going to read next?

i really cannot wait. i hope it is a psychotic journey through postpartum depression. if not i will be truly disappointed. when she was doing all the media before the book release, it seemed as if she didn't hold back in the book; i have my fingers crossed.

everyone pretends parenthood is the most wonderful, blessed experience anyone can have. but i have watched too many episodes of super nanny and intervention to believe that hooey.

the reason people can only say the good things about parenthood is because misery loves company and they would like everyone to  make the mistakes they have. i know there are many wonderful things to being a parent, but a lot of it sucks. more people should talk about it. 

so many people have kids and say "i didn't realize it was gonna be this hard", and the reason they didn't realize how hard it would be is because all the creeps with children that they thought were friends; hid the ugly truth of parenthood in order to trap other. sneaky bastards.

my animals suffice just find as children. i love em. i take care of em, and they are the most important things in my life. that's why i am not opposed to maybe adopting one day. a lot of children need homes. some think that it would be hard to love a child that is not your own. i think it would be quite easy. my pets didn't spring from my loins but i love them with all my heart. 

so basically, something doesn't have to pop out of my vagina for me to love it....actually, i can't imagine loving something that pops out of my vagina.

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