Monday, January 9, 2012

yes, i'm a hater.

damn, that's one ugly baby!
first off, i have always thought that jay z was one of the ugliest people in the world. second, i am not a fan of much of  his music. third, and probably most important, i am jealous of beyonce for many reasons. therefore, i am irritated by the fact that beyonce allegedly faked her pregnancy so that she may boast about her amazing post-baby body. 

my only hope of some type of fairness in this cruel world is if their baby girl ends up looking exactly like jay z. can you imaging being a mother, looking into the crib and seeing a precious newborn body with jay z's head? the thought tickles me.

or, that'd be cool if the when their daughter grew up she is just a major fuck up, like suri cruise will be. i don't have anything against katie holmes or tom cruise, but through the reliable american tabloids, it seems suri is gonna be a horror; and may be one already.

so she flips us off, wears high heels, eats penis gummies and joan rivers is under the suspicion that she is just a little person tom cruise hired to maintain the facade of his heterosexual family.
but really, it all comes down to the fact that i am jealous of people that are born into privilege. like those damn will smith kids, who by the way, are ruining everything we once loved by remaking shit they should just leave alone.
what's funny is, i do not dislike paris hilton. so maybe it is just children of today's celebrities. america is on the jock of all these pompous movie stars, performers, and then they have kids and the retarded middle americans and the entertainment industry just suck the kids balls from day one. 
people don't realize it it now, well, the stupid people don't. but we will all be happier as a nation if we valued intelligence and humanitarianism over physical attributes or scandalous behavior.

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