Tuesday, January 17, 2012

don't bogart that blunt...

here is pop star rihanna smoking a blunt. looks fun you say? indeed it is. i dabble with weed every now and then and also feel it should be legalized. now, i believe people should be free to enjoy themselves as long as it doesn't hurt anybody. rihanna is not hurting anyone by smoking, i am just peeved that young pop stars are unwilling role models and they do not care about the young people they are influencing. the majority of rihanna's fans are children. you know why? coz her music isn't very good. but rihanna has always been a bit risque, so i am on the wall about her, since her music actually has a lot of mature themes, so at least she may be trying to reach a more mature audience. katy perry on the other hand, makes totally juvenile music. specifically targeted to junior high and high school children.

she even went on sesame street for cripes sake. and i honestly didn't think her sesame street outfit was too sexual, but i just feel that it you are going on a kids show and sing kids music, you should dress accordingly. if you wan to be risque, grow some balls and make music that an adult would like.

i know what you're thinking, that i am just a jealous prude that hates good looking people. you're goddamn right! lol, but there are many good looking people that i am jealous of that do not bother me. like, hmm, amber heard.
and it's not because i want to have sex with her and pray every night to the sweet lord above that we will meet one days soon and it will be love at first sight. or that i lovingly refer to her as my babies mamma.

 let's see, i will try to think of a beautiful successful women that i do not want to marry nor do i have any complaints about.
                                                                           kristen bell

mila kunis


now, i named three. of course there are many more. i am only human, and i am not very attractive. so naturally when i see a beautiful women i get jealous. but i don't hold it against them.

the worst is when someone is beautiful and genuinely nice. damn jerks. haha.

the youth of the united states has no role models and it bothers me. i am a crotchety old woman when it comes to all these little ho-bags peddling sex to young people. most kids don't have a good relationships with their parents, so they don't really develop a sturdy moral grounding. then they idolized the miley cyrus' and girls like that, and end up all used up with herpes at 18.
the behavior of celebrities is only shown to the public through rose colored glasses. hollywood director brett ratner, who is friends with many hollywood hotshots, and has been in the industry since his teens, revealed to howard stern that so many of his a-list friends have herpes.
now, i don't know how reliable he is, but i believe the herpe story. almost every time an actor or celebrities mistress comes forward, they claim that no condoms were used.

did i go off course? yes i did. let me get to the point. with all the photo shopping, flagrant bragging of monetary status and adults peddling all these superficial values to children, it gives me no hope for societies future.

and snoop dogg, he has a lot of nerve. he's damn near fifty and he is still singing to little kids.
now if that aint a song made primarily for kids i don't know what is. and i do believe kids should have fun, but also, i have had many a young friend die in car accidents while being young and free.

lady gaga has a lot of young fans even though she has adult themed music. but at least when she is interviewed she admits to her wild past, but also tells her fans that she regrets doing coke and that women should wait to have sex because it isn't even enjoyable till you get older. whether she is sincere or not, at least feigns concern.

mtv is a channel primarily for pre-teens and teens, and with jersey shore and the real world, argh, it's just terrible.

let's hope america turns a corner and we start to value intelligence and integrity. 

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