Wednesday, January 4, 2012

i pray to god every night that i wake up a gay man.

bobby trendy
ru paul
cazwell and his dancers
george takei
ryan and tj from the a-list new york
oscar wilde
chuck palahniuk
tim gunn
mario cantone
boy george
jack wrangler
salvador dali
lady bunny
rob halford

leonardo da vinci
freddie mercury

man, oh man! i tell ya. this is the most effort i have put into a blog. now, these wonderful gays i have posted pictures of are in no particular order. truth be told, oscar wilde is my true idol, whether he was gay or not. his writing spoke to me. i may have left out some amazing gays. but i don't blame myself because it is hard to think of all your favorite homosexual people at once. 

i used a Wikipedia page to peruse in hopes that some of my most admirable would pop up.

it gave a HUGE list. i don't have all night to check it with a fine tooth comb so i just decided to merely look it over.

so why do i wish to be a gay man? lord only knows. when i watch my favorite gays in action i just can't explain the euphoria i get. it's better than sex! hahaha, i am joking people. but i do truly enjoy a flaming homosexual. as homer simpson says " i like my beer cold, and my homosexuals flaming!" obviously, not all of the fellows listed above are flaming, some are, but others are respectable. personally, i consider all of them respectable. i believe if "god" had made me a gay man, i wouldn't worry about the meaning of life, i would just be lovely and flaming...

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