Wednesday, January 25, 2012

i hate humans!!!!!!!!!

my grandma posted this picture on facebook and people actually clicked the "like" button. so, basically, they like the fact that an animal was killed. it's appalling! if the picture was switched around; a mountain lion with a dead human, people would not click the "like" button.

humans are such fucking assholes. they actually believe that nature is here specifically for them to use and abuse. and most of that train of thought comes from the bible and the misogynistic creeps that wrote it. and trust me, it hasn't escaped me that my grandmother is the one that posted that god awful picture. i come from a family that doesn't give a shit about animals or the environment. it's extremely frustrating, but they are hard headed, they now how i feel, and it doesn't matter. all i can do is my part in helping the environment and animals.

when i stopped eating meat for the first time (i've relapsed a lot, but i think it's gonna stick this time) my family pretty much acted in accordance with the simpsons when lisa became vegetarian. 

i do feel bad for relapsing, but i honestly believe i am done with land meat for good. i just can't eat it without thinking of poor defenseless animals. ( i am still a bad person tho, coz i eat seafood. what can i say, they aren't as cute as land animals. i think it's their eyes)
i understand that it is hard to give up meat (obviously since i relapsed) so i don't expect everyone to give it up. but it would be nice if there were more humane means of killing the animals. 

people are outraged by the fact that laws are being passed to provide hens with adequate space instead of cramming them all together in unhealthy conditions. which, the laws aren't actually doing much but people are just assholes that don't care about animals. how would they like it if they had to live in a cramped coop and shoot eggs out of their ass all day till they are dead just for their redneck farmers monetary gain. 

i wish dog breeders would have to wake up one day, having to have incest just to pop out retarded babies that have to be sold just so some asshole can make some easy money. 

people suck.

there's this awesome band called cattle decapitation, most of their songs are anti human. i love them.

they have cool shirts also.

they had a really cool shirt that said "so many humans, so few recipes" but i couldn't find the image for that one.

human life is soooo valuable, but any other life is not. give me a break.

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