Thursday, January 19, 2012

my name is yvonne and i'm addicted to book shopping...

damn, i just perused the barnes & noble discount book section. i only spent $32.00, which is not bad at all. but if you factor in the fact that i am poor, i already have a bunch of books at home that i have not read yet, and that i live approximately 15 yards from the public library, one might say i am stupid and frivolous with my barely existent cash flow. but i will go you guys one better, this weekend i am going to the libraries monthly book sale so i can splurge on used books that cost no more than a dollar each. and i cannot wait!!!!!

hopefully i can afford another bookshelf soon. why couldn't i have just been born wealthy? and my dad could've had the awesome personal library he always wanted, and i could've added to it. and unicorns existed, no one ate meat, you would need a license to have a pet, there was no war or religion. abortions were more common than births. there would be suicide machines here and there. danny devito would be my best friend. amber heard would be my lover. and their would be no scary diseases or pesky std's. oh, and alcohol didn't make you fat or ruin your liver. jeez, i could go on forever creating my fantasy world. 

speaking of fantasy, books are cool coz you get to escape from the monotony of life when you are reading. especially when you are trying to stay out of trouble or save money; just pick up a book and live in someone else's story for a while. see, if i properly utilized the library i practically live next door to, i could probably save some money. i just rented a book from the library, so it's not like i don't take advantage of it. but, if i read a good book that i borrowed, i then want to buy it to read again and highlight my favorite quotes. 

i don't exactly want to live too long, but i do hope i at least live long enough to read all the books i have acquired in my life so far. actually, i have read most of the ones i have bought, but i keep buying more so who knows. once i get some kind of life threatening disease i shall stop purchasing books and just focus on finishing the ones i have. but, one of the reasons i like to read is because it makes me a more well rounded person and helps out my vocabulary; if i'm dead, who will i impress? lol.

i hope i don't end up like the dude on the twilight zone who finally has all the time in the world to read and ends up breaking his fucking glasses. 

i am actually quite lucky. my current job allots me plenty of time to read. granted, the pay is poor and i deal with the surly low life's of this area, but at least i have a lot of down time to improve my brain muscles. this is actually the second job in my life i had like this; one where i could read all day and was close to a library. i guess i shouldn't complain.

well my friends, i must get going. my lunch is approaching and i have to go grab some free prophylactics from the family clinic. holla!

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