Monday, January 23, 2012

cooking is dangerous...

so, whilst i was cooking i cut myself and i have no idea how it happened.

granted, it wasn't that ^^ bad, and it was on my palm.
i took a picture of it but i didn't post it because i realized the palm of my hand is super wrinkly. even after lotion was applied. so i didn't want to document my ugly hands. i wash them too much first of all. i am a o.c.d. having hypochondriac.  so although i continuously apply lotion, i constantly wash it off. i am sad that i may have sarah jessica parker hands.

they're not that ^^ bad yet;
but she is much older than i am when this picture was taken. hopefully my hands don't end up worse than hers when i reach her age. i wonder if they will surpass sjp soon...

that would suck! oh well, if i still have hands when i am older i suppose i should be grateful even if they look like crocodile hands. 

anyways back to cooking. it's dangerous. i cooked a simple salmon and squash dinner in the oven. i got lacerated and burnt a couple times. i sure don't look like giada when i cook (although if no mirrors are around i assume i do)

i look more like a mexican barefoot contessa, but drunk; and full of cuts and burns.

my favorite food network cook is alton brown. 

what a sexy genius he is. he kind of reminds me of thomas dolby of "she blinded me with science" fame

which coincidentally enough is my favorite song from the 1980's and my favorite song about science.

i wanted to be a scientist when i was younger, actually, my goal was to be the nobel prize winning scientist that cured herpes. 

i know that picture is disgusting, i just want there to be a cure for that nastiness. but anyways i gave up my pathologist dreams when my favorite science teacher informed me of how long it takes to become a pathologist.

basically i have very little patience and only a meager amount of ambition.

herpes scare me, so does aids and genital warts. don't fret citizens; i shan't post pictures of those diseases.

so i guess the message her is not to cook. it's dangerous.

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