Tuesday, January 3, 2012

what a beautiful day!

today was my first day back to work after the new years weekend. and with no more days off in sight i woke up in harmony with the world. sang to the bird on my pillow, whistled in the shower and let my cats know that i love them with all my heart. psyche!

i was grumpy and bitchy and just decided to stay outside of my office a majority of the morning in lieu of socializing with coworkers and the extremely annoying uniform guy who usually comes on tuesdays. he actually hasn't showed up yet so i am still on guard coz i do not want to deal with him. his very presence irritates me. so i assume once i let my guard down he will come in and be irritating.

i really wish more of you jerks would read this here blog so i can quit my job and become the hermit i have always dreamed of. i can picture it now, drinking alcohol, watching terrible television, masturbating, and eating. ahh, now that is the life my children. i assume some days i could muster up the energy to clean or exercise. but mostly my routine would be filled with debauchery.

let's see, wake up in the morning, wipe the crust from my eyes. grab a beer, crack my knuckles
    and get to spouting my bullshit. once that is taken care of i would have the entire day to do whatever my gluttonous heart desires. i would definitely need a well rounded drug dealer that can get me whatever my heart desires. aww, i would have to have a chauffeur. maybe i should just stop before logic ruins this little fantasy for me.

well, it is an hour until i get to go home so all in all the day has been alright. i'll do some grocery shopping before i head home and have a wonderful wine, with dinner on the side and watch teen mom. man, i'm classy...

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