Friday, January 20, 2012

food in excess is just as bad as alcohol in excess damnit

i hate when people say they do not wan to give pan handlers money because they figure they will just spend it on alcohol. what's wrong if they do spend it on alcohol? back when i used to pass homeless people daily, i would purchase myself a tall can, and also get one for the bum who was waiting at the end of the off ramp. personally, i would rather give them the alcohol than some change. who is it gonna hurt? the bum is already doing bad. why not give him a little buzz so his dreary existence doesn't seem so hopeless. if i were homeless i would hope that people had it in their heart to give me alcohol. 

alcoholics get such a bad rap. now, i know we can be surly, emotional, obnoxious and shouldn't drive; but same with obese people. alcohol gets taxed up the butt, but soda and junk food doesn't. i don't like paying taxes, especially because the government doesn't spend it properly. but i think that taxes on soda and snacks would help the obesity epidemic that is growing in america. as of now, the cheapest food is processed food. anything organic or natural cost money that a lot of people don't have.

in reality, we all know that taxes on unhealthy food wont make people eat better; but at least they'll have to pay high taxes on what they love like us alcoholics!

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