Monday, January 16, 2012

i had a dream...

today is martin Luther King, Jr day in the united states. 
he fought for civil rights back in  the 1950's. i am not african american, but i do hope that mr. king would have respected my rights; as a mexican american female bisexual who is extremely pro abortion. maybe not, we can't know for sure, but he at least stuck up for his people when they were facing the most adversity.

as of today, 2012, the united states is facing gay marriage and abort rights issues. this country, the u s of a, is very frustrating if you are not a closed minded hate monger. 
if i may quote the great mr van (aka dude who taught me all the cool stuff i know):

"People who say marriage is sacred and religious and all...good for them in their church temple synagogue ashram or mosque. But marriage is a secular state contract, all people are entitled to enter into. Keep your bigotry in your religious buildings and honor the constitution in public actions,like marriage."

i cannot believe that this country; that was supposedly created to diminish haters ( if you will), has the biggest group of haters running thangs. it's incredibly frustrating and confining to have the religious right be the most fanatical about voting 

so, when i protested on the corner of my podunk town in opposal to prop 8 (
we had many hateful things yelled at us. the most offensive, to me at least, was when they called us perverts. i know i am perverted, i take pride in who i am. but the fact that people in their vehicles felt it proper to condemn us for sticking up for our rights. and, as far as i have recollected in my 31 years of life on earth; "the lady doth protest too much, methinks
which means, the ones so opposed to anything homosexual, is afraid of their homosexual truths.

i've said it before and i'll say it again, "enough about gays."

now, let me just post this picture of a sit in, back when segregation was dominant in the united states.

now, that whole situation was scary. these people were brave. all those angry caucasions, and they stood their ground. that whole ordeal must have hurt so much, i can only imagine each day, them thinking what they could've or should've done. but really, majority rules so they had to be subjected to the mockery and hatred of the "white man". not that i am opposed to white people, i believe that there are certain groups of people, at certain times who are horrendous. but that does not include every said person of that race, and especially at the time of their tyrannic rule.
so, in ending, i would like to post my recent facebook whatchamacallit"
celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr day should remind us that there are other civil rights issues affecting this country. if the current ones do not concern you, or you disapprove of a person being treated equal; try and focus on the fact that one day you or your child might be faced with certain rights not available or, in the past, you would have been a victim of other peoples prejudices if not for the brave individuals who stood up for what is right in the face of adversity. 

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